About Jacaranda

we are on a mission


Leveraging +30 years of experience in business and technology, we enjoy helping organizations succeed in Digital Transformation, doing the right thing, at the right moment, fast.

Based in Transylvania, the heart of Romania, we are a group of business and technology professionals, connected to a large network of academics and technology professionals associates. 

What sets us apart is a genuine interest in providing outstanding service. We always represent and support our partners and clients. We bring the highest level of understanding and a spirit of collaboration.

Painting, by Jon Colman

Jacaranda is a South American tropical tree and its name (in Tupi_Guarani) means fragrant. The meaning of the purple color is creativity and wisdom. 

Our consulting services always aim to be fragrant, creative and, wise. We serve with unfailing professionalism to help you make this world more beautiful, more fun, more efficient, and smarter, a better place to live.

opportunities are never lost; they are taken by others